Move the Turtle. Programming for kids

Parents' Choice
  • Teaches children the basics of programming
    (yes, we do mean coding!)
  • Challenges and rewards keep children engaged


Move The Turtle is an educational application for iPhone and iPad that teaches children the basics of creating computer programs, using intuitive graphic commands.

Do you remember the Logo programming language? A friendly Turtle will introduce your child step by step to the basic concepts of programming in a colourful graphic environment. Who knows, maybe your child will be the next outstanding programmer!

By completing the tasks, one after another, your child learns:

  • how to plan complex activities composed of simple elements
  • how to reuse previously completed work
  • how to use graphics, spatial orientation and sound in programming

Your child will also become familiar with the notions of loops, procedures, variables and conditional instructions.

Programming is about more than completing tasks, it is also about implementing your own ideas using your imagination. With this in mind we give you the opportunity to create your own programs from scratch or based on our inspiring examples.

Chess Academy for Kids

Parents' Choice
  • 140 tutorials & challenges created with children in mind.
  • Learn basic moves & strategy (pieces, openings, etc.).
  • Challenge your friends & parents to chess duels.


Chess Academy for Kids is an excellent iPhone and iPad application offering an easy introduction to chess, created with children in mind. The app is designed to teach chess in an engaging, step-by-step, rewarding way, where learning is well balanced with practice.

The app is a tool for older children aged 5+ to teach themselves the rules and basic strategies of chess, as well as for younger children aged 5+ to start out on a chess adventure with adult help.

The application consists of two modules:

  • Chess tutorials, which include theory, examples and tasks for beginners,
  • A 1-on-1 game mode.

The game mode has a nicely designed chessboard and pieces, with a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard, allowing children to easily "navigate" through the app and change settings. Additionally, Chess Academy for Kids is equipped with a user-friendly progress tracking bar, which is comprehensive and motivating for young users.

Chess Masters for Kids

  • 150 carefully selected classic chess games to enjoy and learn from.
  • Find the same solutions that chess masters applied in their chess victories.
  • Learn to win like Kasparov, Karpov and Fischer.


Chess Masters is an excellent iPhone and iPad application offering 150 interactive challenges taken from the best chess games in history. Find the best moves, improve your game and learn to win like the most famous chess players.

The application consists of two modules:

  • Master Moves (find the same powerful solutions that chess masters applied in their chess victories)
  • A 1v1 game mode (play against friends or test your skills against the computer!)

How it Works: Machines

  • Let your child discover the fascinating work of engineers
  • Assemble 9 incredible MACHINES!
  • See what's INSIDE machines you use EVERY DAY


How It Works: Machines is the first put-it-together-and-make-it-work puzzle app for iPad. The application includes 9 vehicles and machines to assemble and set in motion:
a car, a washing machine, a hair dryer, a lawn mower, a vacuum cleaner, a rocket, a steam engine, a wind mill and a pump.

We recommend this app for:

  • Children aged 4+ who want to learn more about what's inside the most common machines and vehicles.
  • Parents who love to share fun and learning with their children.